Assemble smarter emails without coding

Design responsive, lightweight and interactive emails on Ampier Email Builder. Collect data and engagement statistics about your customers.

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Turn your marketing team into email creating superstars with Ampier Email Builder

  • Create regular HTML and interactive AMP emails

    Either you need a regular HTML email or an interactive AMP email, Ampier gets you covered. Fallback is included for the non-AMP supporting mailbox providers.

  • Perform end-to-end email creation process

    Use predefined or custom content blocks to create stunning email templates. Preview and export without a hitch.

  • Collect and analyze data

    Store events data right in Ampier. No need to configure a server or a data center on your end.

A reliable and handy email builder for modern marketing teams

No-code emails

Flexible email builder with out-of-the-box email components

Enjoy predefined components to create beautiful email layouts faster. Drag and drop what you need and save time for things that matter.

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Tailored content for your own needs

Unleash your creativity and create catchy emails

Go beyond usual email design. Add various interactive elements to your templates on Ampier Email Builder. Try AMP components, customer reviews, real time feeds, accessibility toolbars and other exciting items.

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Preview your templates

Optimize your emails before deploying your campaign

Make sure your email looks good by simply checking HTML and AMP email previews right in your browser. Reach out to more people with inclusive and accessible email templates you can create on Ampier Email Builder.

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Take the next step

Export your emails or deploy them on your ESP with a few clicks

Use Ampier Email Builder to export an email template to your integrated ESP and meet your subscriber. Otherwise, just download it as a compressed file to send later.

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Analyze your campaigns

See how your subscribers engaged with your email content

Get the most relevant and important stats about your subscribers' engagement, server events, link clicks and form submissions. Easily download reports and make data-driven strategic decisions.

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Forget about boring and exhausting email creation routines. Start surprising your subscribers with interactive emails that shine your brand.

Email creation shouldn't be a hassle for your team anymore. Try Ampier and boost your productivity while your customers enjoy your charming emails!

Explore the way you create smarter emails

  • For designers

    Ampier Figma Plugin

    Use the Ampier plugin for Figma to create stunning HTML/AMP email designs for your campaigns within your favorite design environment.

    Export your ready-to-use code as a zip file or connect your designs to Ampier directly.

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  • For developers

    Ampier Framework

    For people who wants to build emails manually we developed an open-source framework that simplifies the email creation.

    Responsive and lightweight code out-of-the-box, and automatic setup of AMP components at your fingertips.

    Learn About Framework
Oksana Frontend Developer

It is very comfortable to work with code using the TJML framework. There is no heap of table wrappers, special blocks of code for Outlook and therefore the code is easy to read. If you need to make changes or swap pieces of code, this will done very quickly. Everything is compact and clear. As a result, we get the layout that is correctly displayed in any ISP.

Helen Frontend Developer

The main Ampier's advantage is that it simplified development process and I always get the "right" code, which is equally well displayed in all ISPs (considering its "features"). No more ridiculously huge and confusing table wrappers, no more repeating standard text attributes. Adaptive layout and background pictures positioning now have become a favorite and interesting part of email coding!

Lola Email marketing manager

I'm not the best coder so it’s very convenient for me to use Ampier's plugin for Figma. The plugin always saves me, especially when I need to come up with a series of messages in a short period of time and there is no email developer nearby. Again, it's really easy to use, no coding skills required, and the technical support is very attentive.

Check out Ampier to match your emails with your subscribers expectations.

More and more mailbox providers support AMP For Email technology - don't miss the future of email marketing!