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Ampier Framework: Built by devs for devs who create emails on a daily basis

Ampier Framework Streamlines the Process

Build, style and preview your HTML or AMP emails with Ampier Framework.

Logical and easy-to-use framework

  • Convenient

    Easy to plug in and use. As a result, you’ll get a logical and concise markup.

  • Responsive

    The code you get with Ampier Framework is responsive to any email client, even all Outlook versions.

  • Flexible

    Ampier Framework does not impose any restrictions on the message structure.

How to use

Add TJML init code to you html file
<script type="text/javascript">var  s=document.createElement("script"), l=document.createElement("link"),  d=new Date;s.setAttribute("src",  ""+d.getTime()),  l.setAttribute("type","text/css"), l.setAttribute("rel","stylesheet"),  l.setAttribute("href",  ""+d.getTime()),  document.head.appendChild(l),  document.body.appendChild(s);</script>
Add div with id="app" at body tag to use TJML components inside
<title>my title</title>
<div id=”app”></div>
Simple TJML code
looks like this
<div id="app">
<!-- email code -->
The framework allows you to use both special TJML and regular HTML tags simultaneously
<m-text> If you don’t want to receive emails from us in the future, click to unsubscribe.<a href="#" target="_blank" style="color:#cc0000"> </a>

Preview and experiment with emails using Ampier Framework

Regular newsletter example

Skyeng newsletter

With Ampier framework you can build robust regular newsletters for your brand. See how language school can benefit from Ampier framework and simplify email creation.

Open in Playground Open Demo
Mini games powered by AMP

Bring gamification to your emails

Games are perfect for increasing engagement and you can use Ampier Framework to build such email games. Review the code of this simple puzzle game.

Open in Playground Open Demo
Subscription preferences collection

Let your subscribers make decisions

Give control to your contacts so they can manage how they receive emails from you and what content they’re interested in. Increase engagement and lower unsubscribe rates.

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Explore other ways to create smarter emails

  • For marketers

    Ampier Email Builder

    Confidently assemble emails in just a few minutes. Use powerful and responsive ready-to-go assets, including AMP or create your own.

    Export emails to your ESP and get real-time analytics about how users interacts with your emails.

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  • For designers

    Ampier Figma Plugin

    Use the Ampier plugin for Figma to create stunning HTML/AMP email designs for your campaigns within your favorite design environment.

    Export your ready-to-use code as a zip file or connect your designs to Ampier directly.

    Learn About Figma Plugin
Oksana Frontend Developer

It is very comfortable to work with code using the TJML framework. There is no heap of table wrappers, special blocks of code for Outlook and therefore the code is easy to read. If you need to make changes or swap pieces of code, this will done very quickly. Everything is compact and clear. As a result, we get the layout that is correctly displayed in any ISP.

Helen Frontend Developer

The main Ampier's advantage is that it simplified development process and I always get the "right" code, which is equally well displayed in all ISPs (considering its "features"). No more ridiculously huge and confusing table wrappers, no more repeating standard text attributes. Adaptive layout and background pictures positioning now have become a favorite and interesting part of email coding!

Lola Email marketing manager

I'm not the best coder so it’s very convenient for me to use Ampier's plugin for Figma. The plugin always saves me, especially when I need to come up with a series of messages in a short period of time and there is no email developer nearby. Again, it's really easy to use, no coding skills required, and the technical support is very attentive.

Check out Ampier to match your emails with your subscribers expectations.

More and more mailbox providers support AMP For Email technology - don't miss the future of email marketing!